This series is for the female golfer who wants to take her basics game to the next level. She is able to make decent contact with the ball but now wants to start honing her skills. This series is good for players in PGA Junior League and other beginner/intermediate competitive tournaments. What the series includes: -3 classes -1 on-course class -range balls Here's what she will learn: 1. How to practice effectively 2. Golf Rules and etiquette 3. Course management 4. What to expect in a first tournament 5. Mentorship from Coach Cathy 6. Swing Technique Requirement: - Your junior must have taken Girls Who Golf Level 1 and passed the a skills test - Your junior is on a 1757 PGA Junior League team -Your junior reached out to Coach Cathy and has taken the skills test (

Girls Who Golf Level 2 Dates

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