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Summer Junior Golf Program (11 weeks)
Here at Matsumura Golf we have been passionate about junior golf development for the past 11 years. Seiko, Jai, and Aki all had the opportunity to work with outstanding and caring coaches and mentors through our junior and collegiate sports careers and we know the important influence coaches and mentors have on shaping the direction of kids through sports.  Even as adults and professionals in our field we continue to work with our personal coaches and mentors to continue to grow and develop to be able to change the lives of kids through golf.  

Spending the Summer with us will allow players to be able to shoot Even Par for 9-holes from our skill appropriate distances and learn how to measure where they are and see a clear direction to where they want to get to so they can accelerate their progression to Even Par from the full tee markers.  

As parents, you will learn the key motivating factors that keep your child loving the game and playing it for the rest of their lives which allow them to choose the path that fits what they want. The #1 obstacle that has alway been in the way of junior golf development learning the skills of playing on the golf course CONSISTENTLY. Learn the roles of parents, players, and coaches so the entire team is given the opportunity to play part to fit the outcome of the players. 

We have created the Ultimate Summer Golf Experience. 

It’s a Summer long program for golfers ages 7 and older that allows families to build a program over the course of 11 weeks.  It’s designed to allow players to blend in 3 hour skills and training days with 4.5 hour 9-hole and dinner days. Playing the game of golf is the essential piece for all developing players to build excitement and momentum for pursuing the long journey of golf.  If you never play a round of golf, it’s like attending practices for baseball-softball, football, basketball, etc, but never getting to play a game. The practicing and training is not sustainable. There is never the right time to play the game.  Under properly designed playing environments, everyone from every skill level is able to play at any time!

This Summer we will have a total of 33 skills and training days and (22) 9-hole and dinner days. Our program is designed to spread over the 3 months of summer. 

  • - Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Skills and Training from 3-6pm ($110/Class)
  • - Tuesday and Thursday: 9-holes and O'Neills dinner from 3-7:30pm ($125/Class)

Summer Session starts on Monday, June 17 and goes through Sunday, September 1st. To ensure the greatest experience for everyone, each Skills and Training class will be limited to 6 golfers per 1 Coach and 9-hole classes limited to 4 players per 1 coach.  With the design of this program, space is extremely limited for each class. 

The cost for the 11-Class program is $1150. Additional credits for classes can also be purchased at a discounted rate. 

*For golfers who are looking to use the summer to transform their golf game into tournament golfers, please email us at for more information on our Summer Pass Program.*

*All Credits expire on our last summer clinic on Sunday, September 1, 2019