A UNIQUE five week comprehensive course in learning, managing, and tracking your short game to improve your scoring and results. Day 1 - Measuring Day- Introduction to the material. Students will begin to measure "NO BRAINER", " NO BRAINER", AND "NO BRAINER MINUS" carry numbers across multiple techniques using the most comfortable / natural stance and tempo. Day 2 - Technique Day: Defining and teaching the fundamentals of chipping and pitching including proper motors and nuetral set up. Day 3 - Tricks and tools - Leaning how to use tempos, stances, camber etc to adjust carry numbers. Continue measuring across multiple techinques Day 4 - Bounce and Roll: learning how to track bounce and roll. Introduction to real situations on the short game facility Day 5 -Application Day: Learning how to use and apply the system in real situations on the golf course. Introduction on process and how to practice. Fee - $250 / ppl Minimum class size 4ppl Maximum class size 8ppl

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