PROJECT 130 is the next step in the NO BRAINER system to short game scoring. Day 1 - Flightscope Day: Introduction to the material and concept of trajectories. Players will hit shots with each wedge in the three trajectory windows (low, medium, high). Players will track the height of shots and carry distances. Day 2 - Techinque day: Improving technique on shots / trajectories. Work on smash factor parameters, set up, swing speed to control trajectory and distance Day 3: Tracking day: Taking the new skills and re-measuring the shots with real golf balls and the coaching marking off the distances Day 4: On course testing: Taking the numbers recorded in days 2 and 3 and having golfers hits certain shots from certain distances for final testing. Day 5: Application Day: Students are given their actual numbers. Students then learn how to use the system in real situations on the golf course, while learning "process" Fee - $250 / ppl Minimum ppl - 4 Maximum ppl - 8

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