Breaking 100 is a very popular goal for the recreational golfer. For most players at this level, the elimination of confusion that comes from over complicating technique is the game changer. Having a clear understanding of concepts and of what golf actually wants you to be good at, opens the flood gates of improvement and builds confidence so you can get more enjoyment out of your time on the golf course. Our Break 100 Group meets once per week for six weeks at a scheduled time for a 60-minute fully coached, training sessions. Over the course of the six week program students will realize success and enjoyment in a dynamic teaching and coaching environment where clear concepts are outlined, explained and demonstrated. The program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to get in lots of repetitions with quality feedback from the coach and others participants creating a “learn while doing” atmosphere where mistakes are encouraged and accepted as they are a key component to improving. - Maximum of 6 to 1 Student to Teacher Ratio - Target golf’s most important skills (solid contact, directional control, distance) - Develop all areas of your game (driving, full swing, approach shots, short game) - Opportunity to Build and Develop Skill through Repetitions and Self Discovery with Feedback - Individual attention within a group setting - Clear Benchmarks and Assessment Tools - Learn effective and efficient practice habits - Transfer Training, how to bring it to the course

Intro To Peak Performance - Break 100 Dates

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