The Oaks Summer Junior Camps are designed to be fun for students of all skill levels. In these Junior Camps, the student attains a strong foundation in the basic fundamentals of golf, learn rules and etiquette, and learn how to play the game in a team atmosphere. Students will also learn valuable life skills and core values taught through the First Tee curriculum. Overall, The Oaks Summer Junior Camps are a FUN & enjoyable atmosphere to learn the game of a lifetime. ***If inclement weather, the class may be held indoors or scheduled for the last day to be Friday. This will be determined on a class by class basis. What the Week Includes: Cost: $170 per student - First Tee Curriculum (click the First Tee tab for more info) - Safety & Being Respectful - Introduction into Grip, Aim & Setup - Putting, Chipping & Pitching Fundamentals - Teeing Ground & Driver Fundamentals - Rules & Etiquette - Playing the Golf Course & Pace of Play - Sportsmanship and Score Keeping - 20-Minute Snack break on each day (Snacks Provided, please let us know of food allergies on Entry Form) - Certificate & other gifts on final day

Oaks Summer Junior Camp Dates

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