Level 3 is a motor skill development program designed for certified junior golfers ages 10 to 15. At this stage, boys and girls are developmentally ready to acquire the cornerstones of all athletic development. This is also the time where recognizable athletic programming begins and where emphasis is placed on teaching swing fundamentals and other technical components such as how to achieve optimum balance, posture, flexibility, strength, power and positive attitude.

GREEN: Direction & Feel

Golf Knowledge:
• All Level 1 & 2 Introductory Clinics etiquette and safety
issues involved with the game.
• Shows respect and care for maintaining healthy on-course playing conditions

• Must have a properly sized putter.
Required Skill Set:

• Level 3–WHITE concepts and proficiency.
Key concepts to move to next level:

Stroke Development:
• Understanding a target line.
• Minimal putter-face rotation.
• Swing Plane: Movement of the club down the target line.
• Rhythm: Clubhead and hands moving at same rate.
• The ability to demonstrate directional and distance control on the putting green.

Physiological Training:
• Healthy straight spine, core and lower back strength.

Mental Development:
• Learn repetitive routine or procedure for each shot, and
exposure to positive thinking and basic relaxation skills.

If you are a parent booking your child into this clinic you should first register them into the system so that they have their own profile. This will allow you to sign your child up rather than registering yourself. If you have additional children to register in this clinic you will need to create a new account for each child.

If your child is already in our database you can proceed to book clinic. If you have additional questions feel free to contact our staff at 630.260.8199.

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