Adult Mixed Beginner This class is great for couples, or individual men and women interested in learning the game of golf. Our mission is to inspire teach and grow the golf swing through a series of basic beginner lessons. It doesn't matter if you own clubs or never swung a club, this class is for you! Also included in the class are two separate classes that you can sign up for once you register for your series. 1. Let's Talk Golf 2. Know before you play Rules and Etiquette Although we have clubs available it would be beneficial to have a 9 or 7 iron as well as a putter. This will allow you the needed practice between classes. Golf attire is encouraged - collared shirt, slacks, shorts, or skort. Tennis shoes or other soft rubber-soled shoes are acceptable. Lesson Schedule: Lesson #1 Location: Driving Range Grip, posture, I.Y.A.L - letter code positions for full swing irons. Lesson #2 Location: Putting Green Basic putting. What is the putting green? Lesson #3 Location: Chipping Green Basic chipping stroke Lesson #4 Location: Driving Range Introducing woods and hybrids. Fee $220 4 1-hour classes

12. Adult Mixed Beginner Dates

Monday July 8, 2024 thru Monday July 29, 2024 at 7:00 PM

20. Adult Mixed Beginner

Details and Registration

Wednesday August 14, 2024 thru Wednesday September 4, 2024 at 7:00 PM

12. Adult Mixed Beginner

Details and Registration

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