Men's Beginner This class is designed specifically for Men new to golf. Our mission is to inspire, teach, and grow the golf swing through a basic series of beginner lessons. It does not matter if you own clubs or have never swung a club. This class is for you!!! Included in this class are two separate classes. "Know before you play Rules and Etiquette" " Let's Talk Golf" You can sign up for these classes after you schedule your series. You will be given a code to enter these two classes. Although we have clubs available it would be beneficial to have a 9 or 7 iron as well as a putter. This will allow you the needed practice between classes. Golf attire is encouraged - collared shirt, slacks, shorts. Tennis shoes or other soft rubber-soled shoes are acceptable. Lesson Schedule: Lesson #1 Location: Driving Range Basic setup, grip,stance,posture and swing Lesson #2 Location: Putting Green Basic putting and etiquette Lesson #3 Location: Chipping Green Basic chipping stroke Lesson #4 Location: Driving Range Introducing woods and hybrids. Fee:  $220 6/1 - Student/Teacher Ratio Classes must be canceled 4 days before the start date to be eligible for a refund.

Men's Beginner Dates

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