Pre-paid Service Price
Adult Series of 5 Lessons
Adult Series of 10 Lessons
Adult Series of 20 Lessons
Adult Semi-Private 2 Person
Adult Semi-Private 3-4 Person
Adult Semi-Private 5-6 Person
Adult Semi-Private 7-12 Person
Adult Semi-Private 13-15 Person
Junior Series of 3 Lessons
Junior Series of 5 Lessons
Junior Series of 10 Lessons
Junior Series of 20 Lessons
Junior Semi-Private 2 Person
Junior Semi-Private 3-4 Person
Junior Semi-Private 5-6 Person
Junior Semi-Private 7-12 Person
Total Game Improvement
High Performance Golf
Golf Makeover Y2K10
Future Champions Winter Program
Winter Adult Coaching Program - Unlimited
Winter Adult Coaching Program - Full Program
Winter Adult Coaching Program - Half Program
Future Champions Winter Program - Half Program
TrackMan Unlimited Practice
TrackMan 10 Hour Practice Plan