Callaway certified fitters will be on location for you to receive the best fitting possible!
If you cannot make your fitting, please give us 24 hour notice as there are limited spaces available.

Please book a half hour time slot for irons, 
a half hour for woods or one hour for both.

Why get fit?
Properly fitted golf clubs based on your skill level and physical capacity will help you play better golf and get a greater enjoyment out of your game.  We will evaluate your current equipment and provide you with our best recommendations to optimize ball flight and control while delivering maximum distance with latest adjustable equipment. Our goal is to partner with you the golfer and provide the best product on the market
to help you 
play better golf.

What's involved in getting fit?

Driver Fittings - Our fitters will put you through a state of the art fitting process to find the proper spin,
launch angle and ball speed to maximize your distance and accuracy.
Iron Fittings - Our fitters will help you determine what shaft flex, weight and club head design will best fit your game.

Callaway Fitting Day Dates

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