Hi Ladies! Come join us for a weekly session where there are NO BOYS ALLOWED! These drop-in style classes allow you to sign up for the classes you want to attend! Different topics each week help to build skill and have more fun! Classes are Tuesdays Starting September 14 and run from 5:30-7:00! $45 per class There will be some classes in October that will run until after dark. We have some ways to create awareness even in the dark. So give it a "glow" and come join us! Recent & Upcoming Topics: 9/14/21 Ninja Putting Roll your rock like a master. You can do it with more know-how and smart tune-ups that can make you a boss of the moss. 9/21/21 Breaking Out Big Mama We'll be breaking out the driver and learning how to hit it faaaaaaaar..... 9/28/21 Special Guest Mr. Chip Insky We may have a guest appearance by Mr. Insky. Perhaps you will be the one to help introduce him? 10/5/21 Hit The Bullseye Wanna hit your mark more often? Silly question, of course all golfers do. Learn and train for what it takes to hit your ball where you want it. 10/12/21 Smart Golfers, We Can Be Smart golfers score better. We'll sharpen up our scoring acumen with a few understandings that can leverage the way you play. 10/19/21 Postponed 10/26/21 Consistency. Can We Be? Where From? Can we be consistent in golf? If so, how do we get it, and where does it come from?

Ladies Only Drop-In Dates

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