The "Breaking 100" class is geared towards golfers who have had previous technical instruction and designed to establish swing fundamentals and on course game management skills to break100 consistently. Within the 6 hours of instruction, students will have their golf swing videoed and analyzed with CoachNow technology, allowing for more seamless communication between coach and student. Develop short game techniques that utilize correct club selection and spend time on the golf course to improve course management skills. The purpose of "Breaking 100" is to give each student the tools they need to consistently shoot in the 90's. Breaking 100 class includes: 6 Hours of group class instruction 2 Twilight rounds of golf 15% off golf club purchase 1 Practice with a pro session (1 hour supervised practice, First Sunday each month at 11: 30 am.) 1 Play with a Pro session (On course session - $25 Fee) Date: TBD. 10 small buckets of range balls. Range voucher given to all students week one.

Tee It Up 2 - Breaking 100 Dates

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