Summer Golf Camps

Ages 8 – 15

These camps will help golfers of all levels improve their shot-making skills and athletic abilities. We will use advanced training and exercise techniques that enhance proficiency, increase physical capacity and lowers scores. We will do it all while maintaining our philosophy of a fun-filled atmosphere that nurtures a love for the game.

Each camp features:

  • Golf Specific Skills – Shot Selection, Specialty Shots, Bunker Play, Course Management
  • Practice Techniques - Setting a Schedule, Understanding Block vs. Random, Goal Setting, Practice Games
  • Gaining Physical Literacy – Sprint Mechanics, Kinesthetic and Vestibular Awareness, Strength, Power
  • 36 holes on the course-  On-course lesson, combining all that is learned during camp
  • * On Course lessons will be at Lomas Santa Fe Executive

This camp will increase your child’s total golf experience in a fun and engaging atmosphere. 

Equipment and Healthy Snacks will be provided, however, feel free to bring personal clubs.

Please bring your own Lunch, refrigeration will be provided.  Lunch can be purchased on site.

Please have your athlete wear athletic clothing and comfortable shoes to the camp.

Water bottle, hat and shirt will be given to each athlete.

Golf attire should be worn on the course.  Please visit for FAQ and registration information. 

Please contact Matt Clay (858) 481-0363 or with inquiries or questions.

SMASH - Summer Golf Camp Dates

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