June 22 - July 27 Week 1 Just like when you were in grade school, the first day is always the easiest – and the most important. During this first lesson, you’ll not only get a historical overview of the sport, but also introduced to the fundamentals, including everything from how to dress and act on the golf course to the purpose of each club and even get on the golf course to hit a few putts. Week 2 You’ve taken your first steps on the course and to becoming a golfer! During the second lesson, you’ll learn the art of chipping. Pitching and hitting out of green-side bunkers as you learn your way around the course being out there for the second time. Week 3 During a round of golf, when you’ve reached the halfway mark it is called ‘the turn’. During Get Golf Ready, the turn means you’re halfway to becoming a golfer. On day three, you’ll be introduced to the fairway and how to use your irons, in addition to important lessons like stretching, making and repairing divots. Week 4 By this point, you should be familiar with the putting green, the fairway, bunkers and even the rough. Now it’s time to step into the tee box and take a swing. On the fourth day, you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to know about teeing off, including which of your metal-woods to use and choosing between the different tee markers. Week 5 One last session before we head to the course! Lesson #5 will recap everything you've learned so far preparing you for on course play. Week 6 On the final day, you’ll finish up by learning how to play, keep score and some basic rules like water hazards, out of bounds and list balls. And then when all is said and done, you’ll put it to use by playing an entire hole.

Get Golf Ready 6 Week Program Dates

Saturday June 22, 2024 thru Saturday July 27, 2024 at 8:30 AM

Get Golf Ready 6 Week Program

* fully booked

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