Details: • 8 week regular season + 2 week playoffs • 2 players per team, 2 vs 2 • 9 holes on a different course each week • Men play from the white tees and ladies from the red tees • Handicapped format • Prize pool will be awarded at end of league • Starts at 7pm (warm up @ 6:30pm) League Fee: • $350 per golfer • League fee must be paid in full prior to the start of the league Handicapping: • Handicaps will be established after the first 3 rounds of league play. The handicaps formed from the first 3 rounds will be applied to matches 1 – 3. After week 3, handicaps will be updated weekly. • Handicap adjustment has 80% of handicap max rule (rounded down). For example, if Golfer “A” averages 10 over par for the first 3 weeks, his/her handicap would be 10 x 0.8 = 8. • If you require a substitute player any given week, their handicap will be a 0. Scoring/Format: • Each team will consist of an A player and a B player. The A player will have the lower handicap, the B player will have the higher handicap. • Each match will consist of 3 total points. 1 point will be awarded for the best net score of each player A match and player B match. The remaining 1 point will be awarded to the team with the lowest combined net score. • In the event one player from a team fails to record a score, the team forfeits the player’s individual match and combined net score. If both players from a team fail to record a score, all 3 points will be forfeited. Playoffs: • The format of the playoff round(s) will be Total Net (combined net scores of both players). • Seeding tie-breakers will be determined by head-to-head matchups. Then by sudden-death match play determined by Game of Irons. Other Important Items: • A maximum score for any hole is a Double Par! • All shots must be played from the proper mat. If a shot is played from the incorrect mat, the player is subject to a 2-stroke penalty. • No mulligans unless there is a SIM error. * Teams must show up to all league games. A team is allowed to miss only one regular league match person season and that missed game must be made up before the following week of league play (all missed games must be played only during Monday thru Thursday between 10am-6:30pm). Any additional missed matches will result in an automatic forfeit of points for that week. Substitute players can be used at any given regular season league match with a handicap of 0.

Winter League- Wednesday 2 Person Team (Handicapped) - Starts 11/01 Dates

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