This Get Golf Ready 2.0 class is designed for men and women golfers that have some experience on the golf course. Also, any student that has taken two, or at the very least one introductory class with me would benefit from this class as well. The design of this class will have us going out on the course (3) of the (5) sessions. The breakdown will be as follows: Week 1- On Course (specific topic: Sand Shots) Week 2- Driving Range (work on problems that arose during Week 1) Week 3- On Course (specific topic: Greenside Specialty Shots) Week 4- Driving Range (work on problems that arose during Week 3) Week 5- On Course (specific topic: Student's Choice) This Class will consist of (5) 60-90 minute sessions The cost of the program is $169 Max Enrollment will be capped at 6 golfers, for a more hands on ratio The Class slated to begin on Sunday April 26th @ 530pm will not meet on May 10th or May 24th. The 5th and final session will meet on Sunday June 7th.

GDN Get Golf Ready (Co-Ed) Level 2.0 Dates

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