Welcome to the 2022 George Dunne National Junior Golf League. The format will be the same as last summer. Teams will be mixed with older and younger kids, with the older kids acting as captains. How many teams will we have? That depends on how many kids we get. I plan on having six (6) Matchdays, where every team plays, plus four (4) practices. Matchdays will be on either Fridays or Saturdays with match time at 530pm, (3 in June and 3 in July) The play format will be similar to previous seasons; 2 person teams, 9-hole scramble format, three (3)-hole mini matches worth a point a piece. Older kids will play with older kids and younger kids with younger kids, this way I can keep a wider age range happy. Teams will accumulate points and the two teams with the most points after Matchday 5, will playoff for the Championship. The age range for this season will be from 6 yrs to 17 yrs old.

GDN Junior Golf Summer League- (2022) Dates

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