I see these Jr. Golf O.P.A's, as part of your Junior Golfers summer improvement plan. In order for them to improve they need to Play and Practice. I will handle the Practice part with this class, parent's, make sure that they kids are getting out and Playing. This class is designed to be an Supervised and Organized one hour practice. I am limiting space in the class to just six (6) per class, so I can devote more individual one on one time. There will be two different age groups; 7 to 12 years old, and 13 to 17. You can sign up for one or two, or sign up for more... The Main Focus for the practice will be on Full Swing and Putting. However, if your child needs help chipping we can probably handle that as well.

GDN Jr. Golf OPA's (Organized Practice Activities) Dates

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