Session 1: Lets get the ball rolling Putting Individual Program Goals *Golf terminology Equipment Overview Putting Green Etiquette Putter Basics Putting Practice Plan Session 2 : Getting the Ball on the Green Chipping Navigating the Pro-shop *Safety, Warm up, Stretching and Wellness tips Review of Putting How to set up to Chip Aim and Alignment Chipping Basics Chipping and Putting Practice Plan Session 3 : Getting the ball in the air Pitching * Golf Course/Golf Hole Overview Club Selection -What clubs to use where Review of Chipping Pitching Basics Pitching and Putting Practice Plan Session 4 : Full Swing It all about Connection *On Course Etiquette Review of Pitching-It's really the start of the Full Swing Full Swing Set-Up Full Swing "in-motion" Basics Full Swing Practice Plan Session 5: Big Clubs and Bunker Play *Basic Rules_ What you really need to know Full Swing Review Big Clubs to hit Long Shots- Irons vs Woods Bunker Basics Greenside and Fairway Play on the Range Practice Plan Session 6 : Putting it all together- Getting Comfortable On- Course *The Scorecard/Handicaps Putting it all together - Review Learn to Play-ON-course Experience/Course Management Golf Formats- the "Scramble Explained" Review of Individual Program Goals Next Steps *Handouts for each session

LPGA Golf 101 Dates

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