2019 PROGRAM OVERVIEW: This invitation-only program is designed for the competitive players in Middle or High School and will prepare the player to be ready for competitive tournament golf. Students must have some tournament experience and a desire and commitment to play high school varsity golf. Open to boys and girls ages 12-18. All sessions have a 3:1 student to teacher ratio. The Summer Semester includes 5 instruction days at Hyland Greens Golf and Learning Center and 4 playing days at Dwan Golf Club. Players will receive an Operation 36 player profile and app. Read more about Operation 36 HERE. DAY: Wednesdays DATES at Hyland: June 12, 26 July 17, 31 August 7 DATES at Dwan (9 holes): June 19 July 10, 24 August 14 ‚Äč TIMES: 10:00 - 12:00 pm LOCATION: Hyland Greens Golf and Learning Center & Dwan Golf Club, Bloomington COST: $900 -18 hours of 4:1 instruction at Hyland Greens and Dwan Golf Club (3 payments of $300 plus additional fees) $60 - Green Fees $30 - Yearly Technology Fee $30 - Optional Bag Tag from Operation 36 NOTES: Players will receive Operation 36 profile and will be able to use Op3 6 App to track progress, record practice sessions, and level up through 6 different levels throughout the program. CONTACT: Kevin Williams, info@golftrackacademy.com | 612.242.4362

Track III at Hyland Greens Dates

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