TO RECEIVE THE FULL SERIES DISCOUNT, SELECT THE SECOND OCTOBER 6 DATE FROM THE LIST - OR - ADD EACH DATE TO YOUR CART AND USE COUPON CODE - RYE We are honored to have a local whiskey reviewer join us for a series of tastings on 4 styles. This starts October 6th and occurs every 2 weeks. Join Ken, Infinity's owner and other enthusiasts for one night, multiple nights, or the full series and discover interesting whiskeys while learning about each style. We'll start with Bourbon on Oct 6, then move to Ryes on Oct 20, followed by Scotch and Irish whiskeys on Nov 3, ending on Japanese interpretations on Nov 17. Each event will feature 4-5 tastes, followed by a full pour of your favorite. It's only $30 per event, or $100 for the 4 session series. Register online for this price, or pay $40 at the door. Scott Nelson has been reviewing and writing about whiskey since 2019 for, twice named Website of the Year by the International Whisky Competition and twice honored as the Best Whiskey-Related Information Source by the industry's Drammie Awards. When he's not talking about or writing about whiskey, Scott works in higher education and enjoys rock climbing and fly fishing. He is an actor represented by Portland-based Talent Model Management, and has co-authored two novels.

Whiskey Tasting Series Dates

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