Winter 1.5 hour weekly practices. Winter Series is for all 5 practices (if you will miss 1-2, please let me know in advance and I will pro-rate your price). Make-ups will occur later in spring/summer sessions. Every practice/training day will have a different focus, all of which geared toward building strong and consistent fundamentals, lowering scores and learning how to compete. Examples of a typical practice may include 2-3 of the following: *Short Game fundamentals. Setup, alignment, routine, etc. *Putting Improvement. Setup, distance control, alignment and routine. *Solid ball striking foundation with irons and driver. *Wedge distance control practice *K-Vest Biofeedback *Add clubhead speed and balance for power *Skill Testing with Flightscope *Golf fitness exercises and drills for core strength and flexibility improvement *Winter Indoors 2 juniors per session MAX *JLGolf Gear

High School Development Winter Series Dates

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