The JLGolf 101 Beginner Clinic “Mini Series” is designed to teach golfers to play the game from a hole out perspective. The ideal program for beginners looking to learn the game for corporate golf, retirement golf or just golf with friends &/or family, this program is for you! Learn the fundamentals and knowledge needed to start playing the game from the rules, etiquette, and proper terminology, etc. Great for 100% beginners or just "putt putt" golfers. Find out what to wear, what goes in your golf bag, what each club does, what to do when you arrive to a course, learn a short game, etiquette on a green, and so much more! Fundamentals will be introduced and taught with an approach that will stay with you as you progress. The Operation 36 Mobile App and their 6 level curriculum, will be used to compliment the JLGolf experience! That is included in your program registration. Max class size is 5

Golf 101 Fall “Mini Series” Dates

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