This is the next level of progression in learning how to play golf with ANYONE! Continue learning and improving your skills from Golf 101, while getting more of a chance on the golf course. This level 2 class focuses on being confident with the fundamentals learned in Golf 101 & learning how to bring them to the golf course. 4:1 Student to Coach Ratio There will be 3 classes and 2 on course sessions. 1hr 30min each. Class 1 - chipping and putting ON COURSE - Operation 36 LEVEL 1 Challenge (on course from 25yds) Class 3 - Pitch Shots & Full Swing irons Class 4 - Full Swing hybrids, Drivers ON COURSE - Operation 36 Challenge (on course from Level 1or2 yds) Operation 36 Mobile app access, course notebook, & JLGolf gear included.

Golf 201 Clinic Series Dates

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