This is the next level of progression in learning how to play golf with ANYONE, ANYWHERE! Continue learning and improving your skills from Golf 201, bringing them to the course. This level 3 class focuses on the golf course, bringing all the skills learned and putting them to work to SCORE! There will be 4 on-course, 1.5hr sessions and 1 hour long clinic. 4:1 Student to Coach Ratio Class 1 -golf course putting Class 2 - golf course chipping & pitch shots Class 3 - Operation 36 9-Hole Challenge from 25yards Class 4 - clinic review (range &/or putting green) pre-shot routine, mental & course management Class 5 - golf course drivers & uneven lies *1, private 30 minute lesson included. (Book separately) -Operation 36 Mobile app access, course notebook, & JLGolf gear included.

Golf 301 Clinic Series Dates

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