Are you trying to break 100? Maybe you have and you want to do it more often? Then the Breaking 100 clinic at Lake Padden Golf Course is for you! Each day will cover a single topic. The main topics to be covered are: fitness and swing sequence, putting, short game, full swing irons, and full swing woods. Fitness and swing sequence will go over TPI, the kinematic sequence, and how it relates to the golf swing. This includes physical assessments, stretches, and hitting some golf balls. Putting will cover seeing straight when set up at the ball, swing arc, and distance control. Short Game will cover posture, connection, low point control, and bunkers. Full swing irons will cover set up, angle of attack, weight shift, and flow. Full swing woods will cover posture, angle of attack, power, and flow. This class is designed for those who have a basic knowledge of the swing and have played the game before. If you are a beginner, please take the Get Golf Ready classes first. Each person may register for as many sessions as they wish.

Breaking 100 Dates

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