If you want to learn how to drive a golf ball better and build your driver into the reliable and consistent golf club it has the power to be, you have to simplify rather than complicate. To help you figure out the best ways to improve the little things in your tee shot, PGA Professionals Daniel Lock will introduce each of the key components of a solid drive. He will walk you through a number of core concepts of the proper tee shot and show you how to drive a golf ball consistently with power. With a range of expert tips and drills, you’ll discover how to hit a driver with more accuracy and power and develop a more consistent tee shot. From tee placement and posture to grip pressure and target selection. Dan Lock will give you the guidance you need to learn how to drive a golf ball better by adjusting the right aspects of your swing. You’ll make important changes to your golf stroke to be able to increase clubhead speed and make contact with the center of the driver and ultimately hit the ball farther and closer to where you want it. The concepts that you will learn along with a practice regiment will help you make big improvements in your tee shots. Driver & Power Clinic is $35 Per Person  

Power & Driver Clinic Dates

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