The Birdie Basics curriculum is filled with fun, golf-focused activities that capture students’ interest and keep them coming back for more. Through our emphasis of PLAYful learning, we engage and motivate children in ways that enhance developmental outcomes and life-long learning. Through themes and stories we nurture students’ love for golf and delve deeper into key concepts including pre-shot routine, scoring, club selection and course management. Birdie Basics Campers are exposed to the FUNdamentals of golf including putting, chipping and full swing technique through fun and engaging games and activities specifically designed for them. Each lesson in our program has clear learning objectives and is fun, fresh, and engaging. These lessons include activities and exercises that reinforce and challenge students’ developing skills. Campers are encouraged to internalize their progress and make connections, as well as develop confidence in what they are doing. Every session concludes with time to reflect on what students have learned. Of course we do all of this while maintaining our mantra of FUN!

Birdie Basics After School Dates

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