Gapping Session

The importance of knowing exactly how far each club in your bag carries and ensuring every gap is consistent is vital to playing well. At The Golf Lab we will check every club in your bag to make the necessary adjustments so that each club in your bag goes the desired distance. This knowledge will let you play shots with total confidence that you have the correct club in your hands.

90% of golfers have two clubs in their bag that go almost the same distance

Step 1 – Every club is blueprinted for its’ Lie and Loft

Step 2 - Hit every club in the bag to see dispersion and shot plots.

Step 3 – Adjust the Lies and Lofts of each club so the gaps between each club is consistent and plots are in line. Step 4 – Hit adjusted clubs to ensure the appropriate changes were made.

Step 5 – Golfers will receive their new yardages electronically so it is accessible at all times!