Junior Academy is series of classes that developments 12 basic fundamental golf skills over a 6 level curriculum based off of the Operation 36 platform. Each class, one skill is focused on, learned, practiced and tested in a fun and competitive environment that is focused around "gamification." This approach, maximizes fun and engagement which leads to self motivation and maximum skill retention. All levels of players are encouraged to participate. This is a compressed version. We will have 12 classes over the course of 8 weeks. Instructors for Junior Academy are PGA Director of Player Development, Tyler Wong and Lead Instructor, Tasha Garma. Tyler is a Top 50 Junior Coach in America, TPI Certified and the 2018 Oregon Youth Player Development Award Winner. Tasha is an Operation 36 Certified instructor and has experience working at a nationally ranked golf academy.

Junior Academy Winter Semester Ages 6-10 Dates

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