Mental Game/Putting Audio Lessons
Most golfers only believe that instruction on striking the ball well will achieve their best score!  THAT IS WRONG!  Tiger Woods fall from dominating the game supports this.  In 2009 his game crashed with scandals, allegations, and a 9-iron to the face from his now ex-wife. His sponsors dropped him like a bad habit.  His last major was June of 2008 and not another one since.  He won 14 majors from 1997-2008,  pretty much he won one or more every year except once when there was a 3 year gap. Why? Did he lose his swing, NO!  He lost his mental toughness!  I mean this guy does not choke!  Have you ever felt like you were going to make the putt, I mean you just flat out knew it?  What happened?  I bet you made it or barely missed it.  That is what he lost!  The ability to intimidate, handle pressure and distractions, perform under pressure.  So, my point is you have to finish your instruction without the golf club in your hand or you will never play your best.  I have played with incredible ball strikers and when something terrible went wrong (bad shot, bad break, bad hole(s),  I have seen many of them just explode and they were done for the round!   I have been there as well. I have 57 mp3 audio tapes, 7+ hours of nothing but mental toughness drills, faults/fixes, and strategies that I Guarantee will change your game immediately.  They average 7 minutes in length and can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone so you can listen and practice them 24/7.  I can teach them all to you in 14 lessons, but that would cost over $700 and it is really not necessary.  

Here is a sample: 10 Confidence Tips

Plus receive a FREE PDF on "Mental Faults and Fixes"  Tips and strategies to correct the most common mental golf errors. Over 50 common faults and fixes!

You will not find a more complete Mental Program in one purchase!

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