On-Course Playing Lesson

 $80 includes green fee and cart

During a playing lesson you will learn how to think and act on a golf course. Most people can ruin their game by over analyzing their swing during play. The golf course is not the time nor place to do such a thing. It is the time and place to use your practiced pre-shot routine and kick into your "imagination of situation" or course management mindset.

  1. Analyzing wind direction
  2. Understanding terrain or lie of the ball and justified stances
  3. Golf equipment and club selection
  4. Shot selection
  5. Judgment of distance
  6. Rules of golf (discussion as the situation demands)
  7. Etiquette of play
  8. Pace of play, playing through, letting others play through
  9. Relaxation and patience
  10. How to analyze what you may need to practice after your round of golf

Must schedule at least 36 hours in advance and call Doug so he can schedule the tee time with the course!  All Lessons Expire October 1, 2018.