Taught by certified Yoga instructor Dana Pupkar, RYT200, owner of Ashva Power Yoga, this class concentrates on breathing, stability, mobility, strength, and balance. These areas of emphasis are integral to improving your game and keeping your body in “PEAK” physical form for the upcoming golf season and in every day life activities. Power Yoga unites the flow of breath and movement through sequences of linked asanas (postures) that build strength, power, and proper mobility throughout the entire body. The perfect practice for those who are looking for the “missing link” in their body’s ability to perform better every time they play. Whether a player is working on a bigger turn in the back swing or searching to calm the mind and body in putting, practicing Power Yoga will rapidly get you closer to the top level of performance. Yoga practice unites the mind, the body, and the soul in a way that eases tension, reduces inflammation, and promotes health and well being. Regular practice will help you create space in your body and your mind. Everyone can practice yoga regardless of fitness level. Often competitive athletes will find enhanced performance when yoga practice is added to their training program. The focus on flexibility, strength, alignment, and the mind-body connection complements any fitness program, taking performance to the next level. The clarity gained through practice on your mat will carry into everyday life off the mat as well as on to the golf course. Ashva Power Yoga focuses on uniting the mind, the body, and the soul. Providing Yoga instruction to empower you physically and spiritually, resulting in mental clarity to enhance all aspects of your life. Accessible to everyone at any level, Ashva Power Yoga offers private in-home sessions, group classes, studio and corporate yoga practices, to guide you on your transformative journey. Various styles of yoga are taught including Vinyasa Flow, Power and Yin to accommodate every student level and interest. Visit www.ashvapoweryoga.com for more information and to subscribe to our email list to receive event updates, free videos, healthy tips and more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Power Yoga for Golf Dates

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