a) Adult Clinic

b) Family Fun Clinic

c) G.L.I.T.z (Saturday Morning - Hills)

Cupid Cup

The Cupid Cup is an annual Prestonwood Junior Golf Academy tournament. Those wishing to participate must be currently enrolled in Prestonwood JGA classes. The Cupid Cup is a 9-hole event where all holes are played as Par-3s in a 2-person scramble format. Each hole is set up to challenge players and to have them work on course management with their teammate while having a great time in this unique event.

Dates and Locations

d) G.L.I.T.z (Thursday Evening - Creek)

e) G.L.I.T.z (Tuesday Morning - Creek)

Tuesdays @ the Creek Course 9:00a-10:00a Instructional Morning Classes $30 per session Class size usually 2-8 
students Year-Round (No-Holidays)

Dates and Locations

g) BackSpin Jr.

BackSpin Jr. Events are a part of the Prestonwood Jr Golf Academy programming. These events are held on the first Saturday of every month during the school year and every other Tuesday during the summer months. BackSpin Jr. Events are meant to teach the importance of course management and being able to score from short distances before moving farther from the green.

Dates and Locations

h) New Member Mixer Clinic

J.G.A. - Blue (Hills/Friday)

J.G.A. - Blue/Red (Creek/Saturday)

J.G.A. - White (Hills/Thursday)

J.G.A. - White (Hills/Wednesday)

JGA Play Day (DCP)

Jr Glow Golf Challenge

March Madness Jr.

March Madness Tournament is for students in the Prestonwood JGA. This will be a fun event where players will hit into greens WITHOUT flags. This is to help them think their way around the course differently and realize that hitting the green may be easier than they thought!

Dates and Locations

Mother's Day Clinic