a) Adult Clinic

b) Family Fun Clinic

c) G.L.I.T.z (Saturday Morning - Hills)

d) G.L.I.T.z (Thursday Evening - Creek)

e) G.L.I.T.z (Tuesday Morning - Creek)

Tuesdays @ the Creek Course 9:00a-10:00a Instructional Morning Classes $30 per session Class size usually 2-8 
students Year-Round (No-Holidays)

Dates and Locations

g) BackSpin Jr.

BackSpin Jr. Events are a part of the Prestonwood Jr Golf Academy programming. These events are held on the first Saturday of every month during the school year and every other Tuesday during the summer months. BackSpin Jr. Events are meant to teach the importance of course management and being able to score from short distances before moving farther from the green.

Dates and Locations

h) New Member Mixer Clinic

j) Spooky Scramble

J.G.A. - Blue (Hills/Wednesday)

J.G.A. - Blue/Red (Creek/Saturday)

J.G.A. - Blue/Red (Hills/Friday)

J.G.A. - White (Hills/Thursday)

JGA Play Day (DCP)

k) Turkey Shootout

l) Snowball Showdown