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Junior Academy Holiday Special
The junior learn and play package includes:

Junior Discount Card Membership
Half price range balls until December 31st
$15 greens fees until December 31st

1 Month Junior Academy Membership
This program is open to juniors of all skill levels under the age of 17, however we recommend it for those ages 5-13.  Each hour long session is divided into 30 minutes of full swing and 30 minutes of short game where juniors will learn the necessary skills and etiquette for golf in fun instructional and game stations.  Each student will be taught proper practice habits to ensure they retain the information learned and enhance their ability from class to class.

Classes are scheduled from April through October and you may use the one month membership at any point during that time frame.  The membership starts when you register for you first class.  Juniors must enroll in each class they plan on attending by registering through USchedule using their membership.

The Junior Discount Membership card will be mailed out once we receive your order.