This program is open to juniors of all skill levels under the age of 17, however we recommend it for the ages of 6-13. In each session, the juniors will have short game and full swing instruction. Junior Academy is broken down into two levels. They have been split into two levels to maximize the experience for both the beginners as well as the players who have previous golf experience. Junior Academy 2 is for those juniors looking to further advance the skills they have already established. In this level, the junior will be receiving more swing improvement instruction to further enhance their skills. Each session will be composed of short game and full swing instruction. The students will be diving deeper into the fundamentals and exploring new techniques to take their game to the next level. *In order to bypass Junior Academy 1, the junior must take a 30 minute evaluation with one of the coaches or have a recommendation from a coach on our staff. Classes are scheduled from April through October (Up to 9 classes per month) and juniors may purchase a 4 session pack or an 8 session pack that can be used at any point during the season. Juniors must enroll in each class they plan on attending by registering through USchedule using their pre-paid sessions. Session Options: 4 Sessions - $119 8 Sessions - $199 Single drop-in class - $35 *Sessions may be used throughout the entire 2021 Junior Academy Season

Junior Academy 2 - Eagles Dates

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