This is a tournament series consisting of 5 events eventually leading to the Reston Junior Open. In each event players will be awarded points based on the position they finish in. At the end of the tournament series, the top two points leaders will be awarded a spot in the Reston Junior Open. Awards will be presented to the top three finishers and points will be earned based on the position each player finishes. This division is for both boys and girls between 7-10 years old. The Purple Tee Division is 9 holes with all players playing from 1800 yards. Point System Place Points Earned Place Points Earned 1 100 9 36 2 85 10 30 3 80 11 28 4 70 12 26 5 60 13 24 6 54 14 22 7 48 15+ 20 8 42 Reston Cup Prizes and Awards: 1st Place 2nd Place Caddies and Carts • Players in the all divisions will be able to use caddies throughout the round. • We will allow the Red division and Purple tee division players to use push carts and golf cars during the round. Golf Cars must be driven by a licensed driver. Spectators rules are as followed: • Spectator carts will be available for $20 if available. • Carts must remain on the cart path at all times. • Spectators must stay in the rough or on the cart path and at least 30 yards away from the players. • Spectators are allowed to carry water, umbrellas, jackets, towels, and food for the players. • Spectators are NOT allowed to give advice to the players. The player may be penalized for a violation. “Advice” is any counsel or suggestion, which could influence a player in determining his/her play, the choice of club or the method of making a stroke. Dress Code • T-shirts and tank tops are not acceptable. • Blue jeans or cutoffs are not acceptable. • Shirts must remain tucked in at all times. • During tournaments all participants must wear close-toed shoes Conduct • No club throwing. • No abusive language or profanity. • No use of any tobacco products. • No drug use. • No gambling. • Abuse of the club facilities will not be tolerated. Penalties for violation of these policies: • 1st offense Verbal warning • 2nd offense Two-stroke penalty • 3rd offense Disqualification of player No Show, Withdrawal, Cancelation Policy • In order to receive a refund a player must contact the Learning Center Professional staff at least 48 hours prior to the tournament from which they wish to withdraw. • A player failing to properly withdraw from a tournament and/or failing to compete will forfeit the entry fee. Practice Rounds at Reston National will be at the junior rate of $30. Players are responsible for booking their own practice rounds. Range finders without slope will be allowed during tournament play.

Reston Cup - Purple Tee Division Dates

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