'The 59'

Membership Details

*12 month commitment required*

The 59 membership gives you 4 'units' to use and will renew on the same date each month until canceled.  Each unit can be used to book a Practice Studio for an hour or you may use 2 units to book a TrackMan Studio or Simulator for an hour.  The units are yours to use any way you'd like..  In addition, you'll also receive:

10% off additional practice time

14 day advanced bookings

Limited number of memberships sold

Member Pricing of 10% most Golf Shop items 

You may carry over unused units to the following period giving you up to a maximum of 8 units in any given 30 day period.  Total units cannot exceed 8 units in a 30 day period.

You will lose any remaining units at your renewal date if the membership is not renewed

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