Looking for more speed and distance? Our LightSpeed - Powered by Orange Whip golf clinic will be offered on Thursday May 11th from 7pm-8pm or Thursday May 18th from 7pm-8pm. This clinic aims to increase swing speed by up to 20% while maintaining control. The LightSpeed swing trainer is included in the price of the clinic ($99 value) and incudes the following features: Increases swing speed by up to 20% More flexible than other golf swing speed trainers to enhance feel, lag and load of the club Smaller orange ball and lighter weight lets you feel, see and hear your swing get faster and your sequence improve Develops proper swing plane while increasing club head speed Patented Orange Whip Golf counterweighted, flexible shaft system Designed for men, women, seniors, and teens $150...includes Lightspeed Trainer

LightSpeed -Powered by Orange Whip- Golf Clinic Dates

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