The ultimate golf training tool to unlock strength & mobility in your swing. ONE INTEGRATED SYSTEM THAT DOES IT ALL AT-HOME GOLF FITNESS TOOL 44.5-inch resistance training bar provides unmatched versatility to build strength and mobility in diagonal, rotational patterns that apply to your golf swing Anchor light or medium resistance bands virtually anywhere and follow step-by-step coaching in the GolfForever app Attach two included handles to use the bands without the training bar and additionally follow hundreds of strength, mobility and stretching routines in the app THE PERFECT PRE-ROUND WARMUP CLUB Turn your home workout tool into the ultimate heavy warmup club with its D3 Swing Weight and Overloaded Quick-Interchange Ball attachment options Follow 5- to 10-minute pre-round warmup and speed-building routines in the GolfForever app to arrive at the first tee primed and ready USE WITH THE APP THAT’S CHANGING THE GAME Your purchase includes 30 days of FREE access to the GolfForever app with over 1000 instructional videos and a personalized daily program designed for your body and needs Learn from some of the most respected golf performance trainers, coaches and doctors in the world, who will guide you at your own pace and fitness level

GolfForever Workshop Dates

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