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Future Champions Academy


Under the pressure of competition, your junior golfer is only as strong as their weakest link. The Golf Room strives to create the optimal learning and training environment for golfers to maximize each vital link needed for success on the course. Using a Tour-proven team formula, The Golf Room Junior Champions Academy provides a comprehensive and structured program for golf instruction, physical performance training, mental preparation, and game management. The Junior Champions Academy brings together the best coaches in these areas under one roof, collaborating and customizing each player’s program to meet the unique needs of your junior golfer. Our coaches are committed to the long-term athletic development of your junior golfer, focusing on the skills and characteristics needed for success in high school, college, and beyond rather than quick temporary fixes. Year after year, our Elite Junior Champions increased their National Junior Scoreboard ranking by more than 15,000 spots nationally.

We take a holistic approach to improving each player and strengthening each link of their chain. With one weak link, the chain breaks under pressure, but when strong, there is no force that can break it. We hope to walk beside you and your junior golfer and help them reach their ultimate potential.


Here are some of the added values of our elite academy 

Practice with purpose 


Junior golfers will train three hours a week and learn how to practice with purpose on the range. They also have the added option to help take successful shots and strategy to a playing environment with two on course lessons per month with Kyle Morris, currently ranked as the #1 instructor in Ohio and ranked as one of the “Best Young Teachers in America”




Physical training for on and off the course 


For many golfers, swing faults are a result of physical limitations. We aim to help junior golfers overcome these faults and improve their quality of life with a physical conditioning program led by Lindsay Becker, ranked by Golf Digest as one of the Best 50 Golf Fitness Professionals in America. This process starts with an evaluation of each player to determine strengths and limitations. Then, we give players access to a customized training regimen that helps maximize the three core components of a golf swing – strength, flexibility and power.   




A real “mental edge” 


The mind can open up so many opportunities for golfers, especially when it’s managed at a formative age. Our goal is to help junior golfers gain this mental edge, giving them the ability to translate success on the range or practice rounds into real results in tournaments and competitive playing environments. With the ability to work with a renowned sports psychologist in Dr. Todd Kays, junior golfers are able to unleash their potential throughout their golf careers. 




Data to build and develop the golf swing 


Maximizing potential is about leaving no stone unturned. Our coaching process is complemented by the very best in technology to help junior golfers get a complete view into the data of the swing, golf ball, body and mind. Here is some of the games best technology that we use...




Tracks the critical data parameters of the swing and the ball, to the tenth of a yard and degree 



Studies the pressure and forces of the ground to see how the player is using the ground and their feet



Measures the efficiency of the body during the golf swing using 3-D sensors and biofeedback 


Focus Band 

Tracks the side of the brain players are using, as well as their eye patterns to help the mental game



Measuring heart rate variability and its coherence for better on course performance.


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