This phenomenal clinic put on by Trent Wearner is simply a DON’T MISS event! It’s the best three hour investment you can make in your junior’s mental game. Trent will cover many important topics to help get your junior’s mind in a beneficial state before, during and after each shot. Going over the “anatomy of a shot” will create some structure, a routine and comfort over every shot but before that, a golfer must understand three vital topics … Perception, Expectations and Action. We’ll understand each so that your junior can take proper action and commitment to each shot, round and season. A proper pre-shot routine, a beneficial post-shot routine, and how to get over bad shots/bad breaks are just some topics we’ll dive into. Everyone will get a packet to take home to review and we’ll spend time outside at the practice facility as well as inside with some seminar prep. For ages 13-18 and the class lasts for three hours. Cost is only $275.

Mental Game Performance Clinic with Trent Wearner Dates

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