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Tour player stats show proximity to the hole on approach shots is a difference maker for their play but that’s because they already know how to putt! For instance, they only 3-putt one time every 36 holes on average. How often do you 3-putt? And when it comes to short putts, their make rate of 75% from 5ft and 50% from 8ft is probably much better than yours. Improving your putting becomes an easy way to lower your scores, so why not grab that low hanging fruit and take part in Jerry’s Bogey Free Putting Clinic. Experience consistent improved putting with one of our Bogey Free Putting Clinics featuring Jerry Walters. Walters spent 10 years on the PGA Tour as a representative for an international brand of putters and worked with players on all professional tours. He has brought that knowledge and expertise to the Trent Wearner Golf Academy for over 10 years. He will ensure development, refinement or advancement regardless of whatever element(s) of your putting game need improving. Successful putting comes down to two basic ingredients; line and speed of the putt. This new clinic addresses both elements. During the clinic, we’ll work on the directional elements of your stroke and find the proper position at address for you making it easier to produce a consistent stroke and the ability to start a putt on line. Each student will be working with a Blue Circuit Trainer from EyeLine Golf and will take the training aid home with them at the conclusion of the clinic. We will also focus on speed control. Most three putts are a result of improper speed/distance control. Learn some fantastic and fun drills to help you gauge better speed control and start watching your scores (and putts) drop! Cost of the clinic is $99 per student and includes the EyeLine Golf Blue Circuit Trainder


Saturday, July 22nd, 2023


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Walnut Creek Golf Preserve

Presented By

Jerry Walters Putting Only



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