Full Week, Full Day July 18 through July 22, 2022 8:30am - 4:00pm Summary: • Mixed (co-ed) Ages 12-17 • Intensive Full Swing, Short Game and On-Course Instruction • Individualized Practice Plans and Statistical Analysis • TrackMan Launch Monitor Session • Lunch & Snacks provided each day • Water Breaks & Cool-Down Time • Player Participant "Epic Tier" Gift Bag & Prizes Details: A PGA & LPGA Tour-proven approach to performance improvement takes center stage in Golf Digest Award Winning Instructor Adam Harrell's Elite Performance Camp. This week-long experience for the most competitive players expands upon the foundation built in High School Prep to propel young athletes into their playing careers. Smaller working groups allow for more attention, more detailed instruction and improved performance. Players should prepare for extensive on-course instruction, rigorous short-game training and should expect to give maximum effort to their practice and development. On-Course Highlights: • Strategic Planning & Decision Making • Situational Awareness • Shot Shaping & Recovery Techniques Short Game Highlights: • Chipping & Pitching Techniques • Bunker Escapes • Reading Greens • Practice Drills & Benchmarking Performance Improvers: • Introduction to Fitness • Championship Mindset & Mental Toughness Additional Notes: • Elite Performance Camp is not appropriate for recreational golfers • Launchbox's Virtual Golf will be used in the event of inclement weather • Lunch (player’s choice, vegetarian and allergy-free options available) and Snacks daily. Players may bring additional snacks though we ask they not include nuts

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