10-Lesson Package

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10-Lesson Package: A prepaid package of 10 private one-hour coaching sessions for $1000. This package must be utilized within six months timeframe. 

During these sessions, I will use Trackman and Sportsbox AI technology to assess your grip, aim, set-up, putting stroke, and various swings including chipping, pitching, and full-swing. After the assessment, we'll go over the results and discuss your golfing goals. Following this review, we'll create and practice a personalized improvement plan that suits your specific needs and schedule.

  • Session 1 - 1.5 hour assessment
    • 20 minute discussion regarding your golf game, your golfing goals and your equipment.
    • 10 minute grip, aim and set-up check assessment
    • 30 minute minute short game assessment (putting stroke, chipping and pitching)
    • 30 minute full swing assessment (Wedge, mid-iron, long-irons, hybrid (if applicable), wood(s), driver)
  • Session 2 - 2.5 hour playing assessment
    • We will simulate this in the studio using Trackman technology.
  • The remaining six hours of training can be used according to your preference (must be completed within the six-month period):
    • 6 1-hour training sessions. 45 minutes of training and 15 minutes of communication. The lesson plan includes a designated 15-minute communication period, which we can utilize for a pre-lesson discussion, or you can use it to email me any questions or seek clarification on drills.
    • We will focus on improving the areas identified in your training plan.
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