If not already a Member, you must REGISTER to input name, email and CELL PHONE - vital for getting remote assistance! The automated scheduling system is then able to confirm your confirmed booking back to you by email.  Simply create a username and password for your Member Log on which is free. We do not share your info with any entity.

Please book ahead of time and NOT LESS THAN 30 MINUTES before you plan to play.  

Insert the applicable "Coupon Codes" (see right column) on the payment page to reduce your Tee Time cost.     

 Once you book, please read your Appointment Reminder email which provides the door code and sim room you are playing in. 

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Golf Tee Time Description

No monthly Membership Fees.  No Initiation Fees.  
Open 6:00 am to 12 midnight week. No walk-ins and pre-booking is required. When you book a tee time, we will set you up remotely. 

Please book ahead of time and not less than 30 minutes before your tee time to be assured we can serve you.  Thank you!   

No charge for use of our golf clubs if you don't have your own with you.  

$45 per hour  (less if booking multiple hours). See special pricing below:
Pricing per room and not per person. Split the fees amongst your group - up to 6 people. 

10/ 1 hour tee time package:  $300 ($30 per hour):   book a 1 hour tee time using the code "10hour" and we will then set you up.  

5 / 2 hour tee time package:  $250  ($50 for each 2 hr booking):   book a 2 hour tee time using the code "10hour" and we will credit that first charge against the package cost.     

COUPON CODE for 2 hr bookings:  2hour   
- $65 for 2 hours  

COUPON CODES for 3 hr bookings:  3hour 
-  $90 for 3 hours  

COUPON CODE for 4 hour booking:  4hour 
-$120 for 4 hour bookings 

NOTE: You MUST click "APPLY" once coupon is inserted!       

Prices are per golf studio and not per person.  Split the fees amongst your group!  
* Taxes included in all pricing