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A golf professional since 2003, Ian has instructed students in a variety of settings all over the country. A passionate golfer and instructor, Ian has worked in the recreation and outdoor education industry for over 20 years.

Ian also served as a public school special education teacher and coach in Minnesota and on Bainbridge. He specialized in developing innovative teaching strategies for students with special needs. Using golf as a tool to help his students improve their confidence, build social skills, and respect others, Ian spent seven years integrating golf into his school curriculum, coaching the golf team, and working with The First Tee of America.

Ian is also founder of Go Girl Golf, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the game of golf among girls, with a particular focus on underserved populations. A portion of Havill Golf sales go to support this unique and important organization.

Ian particularly enjoys working with kids, newcomers to golf, and those wanting to improve their golf skills and enjoyment of the game.