Booking Available Online! Customers can now book appointments directly through our website. First appointment starts at 8 a.m. and the last appointment ends at 5 p.m. If there isn't a lesson time that suits your schedule, please call Scott at (773) 450-2017 or email him at to arrange a more convenient time.

Scott Sadler, PGA Golf Professional, Class-A, Director of Instruction at Links de Santa Fe has been helping golfers for more than 3 decades in Chicago, around the world, and in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he calls home.  Scott teaches a series of body movements to create one complete in sync body motion- the golf swing.  His ability to translate the complex universal mechanics to your personal golf swing creates a relaxed learning atmosphere encouraging natural body fluidity.  Universal yet personal instruction!  Scott shares and brings insights from his tournament playing and such has the ability to bring proven on-course playing experiences to you through his golf instruction.  Golf instruction to introduce the fundamentals or to tweak (fix) your swing!  Learn the right movements to practice good body habits when working on creating your swing and ultimately bringing you confidence on the golf course.  A graduate of University of Illinois, Champaign and certified by the PGA of America as a Golf Professional, Scott has also earned PGA certification as a Golf Psychology Instructor.  Scott speaks Spanish, enjoys the outdoors, music, and travel.  He teaches all levels of instruction.  If you do not see him practicing on the driving range or playing golf on the Links, Scott can be reached directly for lessons today at (773) 450-2017.  email:

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