CLINIC DIRECTORS: Sienna Fucci, PGA & Alex Cavaliere, PGA CLASS 1: TPI assessment Video analysis After class, you will receive a 15, 30, and 45 minute workout routine that is customized based on your TPI results. CLASS 2: Reassess your original assessment Second video analysis which will measure improvement After class, you will see how your fitness screening improved and receive a new TPI workout routine. *PLEASE NOTE: Classes are held with a 3 week window in between. This window is for you to utilize the workouts provided in the initial class. TIMEFRAME: 60-minute sessions PRICE: $220.00 RATIO: 3 to 1 WHERE TO MEET: Lyman Orchards Golf Center TrackMan Studios For more information, please email Sienna Fucci at or Alex Cavaliere at

TPI Golf Screening Dates

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